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Alexander Pope’s warning that “a little learning is a dangerous thing,” These students who attend college are usually there to learn. Most of them want to be there and have chosen their course of study according to their interests and life goals.

Every parent wants what’s best for their kids but there are parental sacrifice and stretch themselves beyond what they can afford, especially if little or no fund significantly. As the college an (more…)

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Each and every one of us are proud to be a Filipino. We should be proud of our roots. Such diversity of cultures and traditional upbringing of Pinoy are bound to be admired. While each of us aspire for a dynamic, powerful and peaceful country, none of us have taken any real action to weed the country of its corrupt politicians. What we lack today is not the vision for the future, but the will and leadership to tackle the growing menace of corruption at all levels. I am proud to be Pinoy, but I feel ashamed to see our politicians looting our treasures and not happy to see politicians fighting like street dogs. (more…)

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Post-Christian America
By: Patrick Buchanan

“A Victory for Equality and Justice,” blared the headline above the editorial. “Momentous,” “historic,” “a major victory for civil rights,” “a scrupulously fair ruling based on law, precedents and common sense.”
This was the ecstatic reaction of The New York Times to the California Supreme Court’s declaration that homosexuals have a right to marry and have their unions recognized as marriages.
Now there may be hugging around the newsroom at the Times, where one senior writer said, a few years back, three-fourths of the folks who make up the front page are gay. But this is just another streetlight on America’s darkening path to perdition as a society and republic. (more…)

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From time to time, after I dropped my JR in school, I kick back with my lonely aging Filipino friends in coffee shop to shoot bullshits and to argue idly about which president really was the worst of them all in the Philippines. For years, these perennial debates have largely focused on the same with Gloria,Gloria,Labandera on how she cheated and stole her way to Malacanang, routinely cite as the bottom of the presidential barrel as a disgraceful valedictorian and most decorated gold medal in the Olympic of Corruption.She is the most corrupt and Marcos is the silver medalist.Her hand in corruption including being taped in a phone conversation trying to rig voting. Her husband and family fled the country before a mob stormed the palace and lynched them for accepting kickbacks. FVR more than $100 red T-Shirt together with rodent face JDV saved her stolen presidency. (more…)

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The only good thing we can say about high gasoline prices is that it seems to have discouraged Generals, Congressman and Senators buying their numero dos,tres,kuatro a ford expedition, land cruiser and hummers like the one driven by Vicky Tho. That aside, high gas prices are a touchy issue and, for many, are putting a crimp in our pocketbooks. Politicians, who are never shy about trying to capitalize on an issue are speaking up with ideas about who is to blame for the high prices and what should be done about it. Unfortunately, neither side of the political aisle is presenting a very accurate portrayal of the facts, and their ideas, which may be rhetorically pleasing are insufficient to address the real cause of more of our hard-earned money are being lost to the gas pump.

Who should be blamed for the high oil and gasoline prices? OPEC? The oil companies? The government? Or Bin Laden? If you chose any of those you would be wrong. (more…)

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Ka Bel: the Man and his Principles

Family, friends and neighbors, colleagues, the media, and kasamas (comrades) are heaping praises on Crispin “Ka Bel” Beltran; and rightfully so, for who can question the integrity and commitment to serve of a man who was true to being from the working class till the time of his death.  He died undramatically – falling from the roof of his house – but not without symbolism.  For Ka Bel, in spite being a labor leader for decades and a member of Congress for three terms, died repairing the house that he bought with a loan.
The same cannot be said for many labor leaders who have enriched themselves at the expense of the class they have sworn to serve: becoming willing tools of capitalists and  even senators; and the comparison between Ka Bel and


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No Legitimate President of the Philippines

By: Paul Dalde
Orchestrated the thief of the election of Fernando Poe Jr by asking Garci to make the election returns show she won by more than one million votes; Gloria proclaimed herself the President elect. Prior to that, she stole the Presidency from Erap with the help o

f opposition leaders, so we have a long running illegal
person claiming President of the Philippines.

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