The Tradpols in the Pond

The presidential race is shaping up as a contest among the son of the late president and democracy icon Corazon Aquino, Benigno “Nonoy” Aquino III; fellow Senator Manuel Villar, a wealthy real estate developer; and administration candidate Gilbert Teodoro, a former defense chief.

How about Erap? Former President Joseph Estrada, who was ousted by anti-corruption protests in 2001, also is in the contest for president, but it is expected to be challenged because of the constitutional ban on a second term. Estrada claims he was removed illegally. Continue Reading »

Once again, Christmastime is here. People are hanging lights from their houses, singing awful songs about snowmen and going crazy trying to find that perfect present that has been sold out for months. Ahhh, Christmas.

I know, I’m the Grinch or a Scrooge or whatever you want to call me. I don’t mean to be, but as Christmas gets closer and closer I seem to hate it more and more. But I do try.

For instance, just the other night I watched “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” on television. I remembered watching “Rudolph” as a child and thought maybe it would get me in the Christmas mood. Umm, no.

First, have you ever noticed how chauvinistic the reindeer are? Rudolph may not get to play in any reindeer games but neither do any of the female deer. When Rudolph’s mother wants to go help look for him his father distinctly states “no,” like she was a dog. And have you noticed that female deer are called “does” which sounds a lot like, well, never mind.

And how about Rudolph’s nose itself? Why does it whistle? It isn’t the color of his nose that freaks out Santa, but the awful squawking and honking. If I were Santa I wouldn’t want to put up with that for a night of delivering toys. I wouldn’t have made it to Alaska before Rudolph would have mysteriously disappeared.

Oh well, I guess with the exception of “A Christmas Story” and “Christmas Vacation” there just aren’t many quality Christmas movies. I just wish I would have come to that realization before watching a stupid show about reindeer instead of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Stupid Christmas.

While I have been a Scrooge, Grinch or whatever for years, my daughter is starting to transform into Scrooge. Sure, she still wears her idiotic Christmas sweatshirts but last year she didn’t even put up any Christmas decorations and the tree stayed in the closet.

This year though, in my daughter’s attempt to regain the Christmas spirit, the tree was pulled out of the closet and put on a table in our living room. My daugther carefully strung the lights around the tree and put the star on top before going to bed with plans of finishing the next day.

A few hours later I come home and don’t even notice the tree. Maybe that is because our her naughty brother had knocked the tree off the table and it was laying in the floor. The star was nowhere to be found and there were little artificial needles all over our floor.

My daugther Kristel, calmer than I would have been, put the tree back up and finished decorating it over the weekend. She even found the star after spending way too much time looking for it. Then I looked at the tree and asked her why the lights were going on and off in sections like that. With the look I got, something tells me we may not have a Christmas tree next year. If we do, it will have sections of lights blinking on and off, that I promise you.

Thinking my daughter and us  both needed a little Christmas spirit this year I decided I was going to put together some Christmas music for us to listen to while we are eating instead of watching television. The problem was, I had to find songs that weren’t awful. So I started my search.

Do you know how many versions there are of “Silent Night”? If I had a dollar for every person who has an album with that song on it I could buy the North Pole, evict Santa along with his elves and flying deer and really put a kink in Christmas.

After searching for way too long, or about 10 minutes Grinch time, I remember mydaugther saying she liked a song called “The Christmas Shoes.” Being the gofather that I am I decided to give it a listen to see if it would make our list. Big mistake. I can absolutely, positively say this is the worst song ever written and listening to it is like someone trying to pull your ear off of your head.

If you haven’t heard it, let me explain the plot of the song. A boy is looking to buy a pair of shoes for his mother who is dying. Yes, dying. It has to be the most uplifting Christmas song of all-time. They should have just written an alternate version of “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” called “I Saw Mommy Holding Hands With the Grim Reaper.” Or instead of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” maybe they should have written an alternate version, “I’m Going to Bury Mom on Christmas.”

It was then I decided that once again I will be Scrooge or Grinch or whatever this year and if my children wants to join me then I will welcome them. Maybe one day I will get the whole Christmas spirit thing but until then I will sit back and notice blinking Christmas lights while avoiding giving away Christmas gifts,listening to all Christmas songs and movies. Ahh, now that is a merry Christmas.

My daughter decorate the Christmas Tree

Isang nagpakilalang magiging ‘Emperor of the World” ang kauna-unahang naghain ng kanyang kandidatura bilang pangulo ng Pilipinas sa May 2010 elections sa Commission on Elections nitong Biyernes.

Isinumite ni Rigoberto Madera Jr., 61-anyos, nagpakilala ring “six-star general,” ang kanyang certificate of candidacy (COC) sa main office ng Comelec dakong 8:40 a.m. sa Maynila.

Ayon kay Madera, siya ay si N.N.N. para sa pinagsing “Najananan,” na nangangahulugan umano ng “God the name above all.”

Sa panayam ng media, sinabi ni Madera na tatakbo siyang pangulo upang lutasin ang problema ng Pilipinas sa ekonomiya.

Nasa likod umano niya ang Diyos na gagastos sa kanyang kampanya.

“Mananalo ako, si God na ang bahala,” pahayag ni Madera niya isumite ang COC.

Bukod sa pagpapalago ng ekonomiya, pagtutuunan umano ni Madera ng pansin ang edukasyon ng mga kabataan. Malaki raw ang tiwala niya na mananalo dahil siya ang nangunguna sa mga survey.

Bukod sa pamumuno sa Pilipinas, plano ni Madera na tumakbong pangulo ng United States, United Nations secretary-general, at maging “emperor of the world.”

TYPHOONS! 2009-2010

Typhoon Erap

Devastates the country for two years and then leaves. Despite the entry of a new disturbance though, it threatens to re-enter the Philippine area of


Typhoon Gloria

Continues to pummel the entire Philippines for nine years now. Gustiness rivals that of Typhoon Marcos Continue Reading »

Deliver Us From Evil

The Philippines is sick of politics and bossism. What the country truly needs are good and effective leader who will lead its people towards development and better life.

Senator Manuel Villar Thursday night took a dig at some of his rivals in the presidential race by saying the challenge of leading the country during precarious economic times is not for the incompetent good only as on-the-job trainees.http://www.manilastandardtoday.com/insideNation.htm?f=2009/october/…

Just what kind of leadership he’s talking about? Continue Reading »

America now is different

When I came to America,the president was a peanut planter from Georgia,I immediately recognizes that things are different. I sees America for the first time typically experiences emotions that alternate between wonder and delight. Here is a country where everything works: The roads are clean and paper-smooth; the highway signs are clear and accurate; the public toilets function properly; when you pick up the telephone, you get a dial tone; you can even buy things from the store and then take them back, Continue Reading »

As expected by many lunatics and fools, Oliver Lozano the Jester Clown of Malacanang filed a petition asking the Comelec to disqualify former President Joseph Estrada from the 2010 presidential race, even though Erap has yet to file his certificate of candidacy.

Amid Palace claims of no disqualification moves on Estrada, It’s the clown who did it again–

The Clown,Oliver Lozano, who has gained notoriety for his habit of repeatedly jumping the gun in prematurely filing impeachment complaints against President Arroyo Continue Reading »

Noynoy” Aquino III will go on supporting the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill despite the possibility that Roman Catholic Church leaders and voters will boycott him in the 2010 elections.Aquino said he supports the plan to have government health centers ready to let the public avail themselves of contraceptives and that parents should take responsibility for birth spacing.Should the Catholic Church boycott him in the 2010 elections because of his support for the RH Bill? Continue Reading »

Ballon Boy was a Hoax

It’s appearing that this was an elaborate scheme set up by the parents for the publicity. But “Balloon Boy” appears to have let the air out of his parents story. The father of a 6-year-old boy who was thought to be in a helium balloon that floated away said accusations that the ordeal was a publicity stunt are “extremely pathetic.” The sheriff said he will be asking more questions. Richard Heene and his family made the rounds on all three television networks , and the boy at the center of the saga got sick twice when he and his father were asked during separate interviews what he meant when Continue Reading »

Vote for a Filipino

Please VOTE for a Filipino architect at Guggenheim Art Shelter Competition Voting ends October 10

Continue Reading »