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The huge corruption of Arroyo and her thugs of minions captivated the nation The days of reckoning for this Pidalism Government are numbered. The massive People Power movement in Makati will trigger to overthrow the current evil regime.

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Gloria Resign!

This Person is wanted by a million of Filipino people,she was been hostage by a terrorist and demanded $10 million. If the ransom is not paid they will douse her with gasoline and roast her alive,every Filipinos in different walks of life, the rich and the poor contributed gasoline and matches.

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Presidential Jokes


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A woman  survived a car crash thanks to her silicone breasts which acted as an airbag, The old woman  ran through a red light and crashed her car into another vehicle at a busy crossroad The two cars were crumpled past recognition in the crash but the woman’s silicone breasts acted as airbags and saved her life,

Meanwhile her hubby won more than million dollars in a lawsuit over a malfunctioning penile implant. The man received the steel and plastic implant in early nineties, about two years before the impotence drug Viagra went on the market. The glitchy penis implant designed to allow impotent men to position the penis upward for sex, then lower it. the man’s complained was that  he can’t position his penis downward because the device is faulty, causing him pain and embarrassment.The man commit suicide and the problem arise when it can’t close the coffin.

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Huwag Umasa sa Simbahan

CBCP or any religious groups is non functional to change the Pidalism government The church are not the only builders of hope in the minds of our people. Politicians needed the help of preachers, priest and cults to subvert and change our lawful form of government..Preachers have been used by politicians to assist them in its harassment and plunder. Politicians offered preachers a bribe, of big bucks, and most preachers accepted the bribe. Politicians cannot propagate their false information and lies if preachers teach the truths we find in Holy Scripture. Our Bibles give us a record of the rise and fall of many different governments.The Bible gives us the story of many great men who challenged evil and wicked governments.Many of God’s servants were threatened, imprisoned, thrown into fiery furnaces, thrown to the lions and etc. when they refused to obey politician-created laws.

Cardinal Rosales churches of today, people are taught, our government is a higher power to which we, the people, are subject. People should support a government which does good and maintains justice and order. Rosales and Pidal have much in common. Both have become professional liars where success is measured by how many followers they have. Both are confidence manipulator who play games with people’s mind. Basic freedom has always been denied because they wanted control. Pidal and church have used each other at the expense of the people.

As long as politicians can bombard us with their platitudes about doing good and never be challenged on the immoral means they use the size and power of this Pidalism government will never be controlled. For there can be no decline in the calls upon government to do something about such things as poverty, the homeless, the aged, and the sick until the force and violence that must support such governmental actions is recognized and morally condemned. We the Filipinos need to get our act together in condemning the illegal act of Pidalism and the entire structure of her government. Not the bishop of the Cardinal!

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