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60 MINUTES: How much information can you get out of a 60-minute interview? The Students and Campuses Bulletin puts this idea to the test as it interviews notable Filipinos about their lives, their philosophies, and their achievements, all within the self-imposed time limit. 60 Minutes aims to teach, inform and inspire today’s Filipino youth.

Interview by: Rachel C. Barawid, Ina R. Hernando, Jaser A. Marasigna, Ivy Lisa F. Mendoza. Photos by: Pol Briana, Jr.
Sunday, June 21, 2009
Students & Campuses Section
Manila Bulletin

He may be tough and gung-ho leader that people know him to be, but strip him of every position, accolade or achievement that he has ever attained, Senator Richard Gordon is first and foremost a dedicated dad, a loving father, and a proud son. (more…)

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Games of the Ex-Generals

By Raymond Burgos

Pinakamarami na sigurong retiradong heneral ang sasabak sa pulitika sa darating na 2010 national ang local elections.
Sa gabinete ni Gng. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo ay may dalawang dating hepe ng Philippine National Police (PNP) at isang dating Armed Forces chief of staff ang nagpaplanong tumakbo sa kani-kanilang distrito kundi man kongresista ay bilang lokal na ehekutibo. (more…)

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By Jose A. Quirino
Philippines Free Press
June 9, 1956
tnThe flag was prohibited for 12 years. Tears of joy were shed when flag law was repealed

ONE of the saddest events in Philippine history occurred on September 6, 1907, the day the Filipino flag was proscribed. The incidents which led to the first proscription of the Sun and Stars (the public display of the flag was also prohibited during the early part of the Japanese occupation) and the subsequent lifting of such a proscription bear recalling. (more…)

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Our democracy that was once exemplary is now under siege by a power-hungry president with an insatiable lust for  dominance. For more than nine years, Gloria Arroyo has continuously violated the law of the land by ignoring the Constitution, by rewriting laws passed by Congress with her signing statements, and by issuing more than million and millions of pesos to her corrupted Congressman for fine-tuning the government to suit her lopsided policies. Our country the Philippines is now facing a regime change — from democracy to autocracy and if Gloria want to become a Queen, worst to monarchy. (more…)

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pic-06100117150963We write this letter in the knowledge that within our inalienable right to free speech, we have the right to condemn, to dissent, and to express.  We believe that dissent and disagreement – as well as anger – is warranted for the events of June 2, 2009, where 170 Representatives sponsored and passed a ruthless, rude, and repugnant resolution that fuels our rage. (more…)

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by René B. Azurin
Let us combine the letters of the LAKAS and KAMPI parties’ names and refer to the merged party as MAKASALAPI. This will indulge our fondness for clever acronyms and may actually capture the true spirit of the resource-rich conglomeration of the country’s most powerful politicos and their wealthy business cronies. Remarkably, one spokesman boasted that its “colossus of a political machinery” would allow the “super party” to choose even unpopular candidates and make them win. Indeed. (more…)

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As global powers debate how to punish North Korea for its nuclear defiance, two American journalists seized nearly three months ago faced a trial  in Pyongyang on charges that  landed them in one of the country’s notorious labor camps. (more…)

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