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Since the earliest days of U.S. independence, relations with China have tested the mettle of American diplomacy.

At some points in history, the gulf between the two nations seemed wider than the ocean that separates its shores. Today, Sino-American relations are marked by both unity and division.

Beijing claims Taiwan, which split from China in 1949, as part of its territory. However, they have no official ties and most direct travel and shipping between the two sides is banned. (more…)

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Expensive to Live

People spend almost of their income on food have been priced out, as price of maize, wheat, corn, rice and other commodities that make up the world’s basic foodstuffs is soaring the poorest people in the poorest countries are the hardest hit. And as prices shoot up helping them is getting tougher too.

For many years the least developed nations have worried about food security, especially countries at war and those battling droughts and other climatic hardships. (more…)

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My kumpare never use spoon before while he ate,He used to eat by hands (Kamayan Style).He was shocked when the people of Don Fatsolo’s wife in Malcanang urged restaurants and eateries in the country to cut to half-cup the regular serving of rice in their meals to help stave off a looming supply shortage. Rice is the only thing that fills his stomach since he cannot afford slabs of meats or large slices of fish and other viands and they want him to cut his consumption of it too, (more…)

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Tonite Editorial
March 29, 2008
Sa kabila ng dinaranas na krisis sa bigas ng bansa, nakadiskubre ng ga-bundok na kaban ng NFA rice ang mga sumalakay na operatiba ng National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) at ng nilikhang puwersa ng National Food Authority (NFA) sa Valenzuela City.
Depensa ng may-ari ng sinalakay na bodega, legal umano ang nakaimbak na mga bigas at lehitimo ang pagkakabili nito sa NFA. (more…)

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12 units of cowardice at the
Military Academy

By Rep. Teodoro L. Locsin Jr.
“Mr. Speaker, I rise on a matter of collective privilege. This morning, this representation read in the newspapers that Navy Vice-Commander Rear Admiral Amable (meaning amiable) Tolentino admitted that the Philippine military is inferior to the militaries of other countries. Yes, even before any fight, he said declared the Filipino military will always lose. (more…)

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Earns Respect from Others

A man joined the army and was immediately assigned to serve a captain. The captain was very severe and required lower ranking soldiers to strictly obey his commands without any reservation. Of course, the inherent duty of a soldier is to absolutely obey command. One day, the captain told the soldier to paint his residence. After painting it, he told the soldier to wash the brush. (more…)

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Everyone should pay attention to the warnings made by UP Economics Professor Ernesto Pernia, the former chief economist of the Asian Development Bank and its expert in human-development economics, that the looming US recession, which has begun to cause a slowdown throughout the world, will hit the Philippines hard. Harder than the 1997 Asian crisis did.

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