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I was tempted not to write about the miseries of Filipinos why we are poor, but my second daughter want an answer why WOWOWEE enticed a no talent contestant to sing and dance look like a clown. Much I don’t want to give her my embarrassing answer but,my daughter is striving to be a “professional” woman-so I caved. At least in  having come up with an answer  will definitely have its down side for her: probably no one in her class  will send in her name as a contestant. Oh well. Why then are we poor?

My dear! Philippines is potentially an extremely rich country – relative to many other countries  and elsewhere – in terms of natural resources. But, its people remain dirt poor from the bottom of the global league. (more…)

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China depends on exports, and the Philippines is China’s chief export customer. Exports are key to China’s entire modernization strategy. Its lethal products are killing our kababayan.It puzzle me why the BFAD chief is now quick to react and advised the public not to buy and consume the banned Chinese food products. She also called on the importers, distributors and other establishments selling the products to withdraw them from the market until evidence would prove that these products were fit for human consumption. Why now? Too much damaged have been done. That Chinese products should be banned in entering our country in the first place.It is not only risky but it kills our  food manufacturers businesses like Rufina and Mama Sita. Anyway people in the government only noticed an uncover manhole when someone fell on it.That’s how government  work.They blame the floods! (more…)

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Most people don’t give much thought to how they’ll spend their money. A substantial portion of many budgets pays for beer,cigarettes, parties, entertainments, gambling, hookers,kabit, sabit,pastor,ministers,pader and televangelists. If this describes your spending pattern, then the government probably wouldn’t do worse than that with your money. Taxes are the government’s gentle way of trying to make productive use of money that represents a surplus that you don’t really need in order to maintain a minimal standard of living on a par with the average person.But  most don’t want to take the time or responsibility to investigate where their tax money goes.

Lacson has said on his privilege speech  “I will not and cannot abandon the cause of the tens of thousands or millions of Filipino taxpayers and allow them to be left at the mercy of a systematically flawed and corrupt national budget. This is one fight I will never run away from, as I have never run away from all my previous fights against graft and corruption.” (more…)

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Mike Villarde said that he is running for president and he urged those presidential aspirant to participate in a lottery to be his VP.

Who is  Mike Villarde anyway?

He is the leader of El Shaddai. Apparently, some services can last 24 hours and start at Noon on Saturday. They often attract over one hundred thousand participants at a service. The sect is said to have over a million followers. It has been reinvesting its donations and has built a media center in Manila to help get the word out. He is not a priest, nor does he hold any position in the Catholic Church, (more…)

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Bayani Fernando must be jealous! In Naga City, for the Penafrancia celebration, the streamer of Gen.Danilo Lim is hanging in a big tree. Mass media outlets, who already seem eager  — or at least their perpetual coverage of such — have taken to endlessly speculating on the potential of undeclared candidates. The Esperon “Sutil” general continues to attract attention. (more…)

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Tongress is pushing again to start the engine of the Cha-Cha Train. And there was a very interesting thread about why people don’t like to dance very much right now. It got me to thinking. Do these include gun tooting just to push the hidden agenda?

There is fast approaching a time in the not too distant future when your President will openly declare martial law. All of your civil liberties will officially be gone and you will be stripped of your rights as citizen.Those who resist or revolt will be placed in labor camps for “re-education”.You will all wake up one day from your collective coma with no more WOWOEEEE or Eat Bulaga being broadcast you will find yourself unprepared to deal with the reality laid before you. I’m not discounting the possibility of a ‘Martial Law’ scenario–I have news for all of you who are interested. Martial law has already been declared. It just has not been officially announced. When it is officially announced it will already be in full force and fully operational. (more…)

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Pinoy Arrogance

Ingit Lang Kayo !

I wonder, often laugh,sa yabang ni Buratoy, but I am always baffled by the consequences brought about by the only trait that is truly shared by all societies in our country. Like most human idiosyncrasies, arrogance may be voluntary or involuntary, it can have many appearances; it can take the shape of a simple misinterpretation, or escalate into dangerous xenophobia. But sadly it is bad attitude and often brings unwanted consequences.

Apparently as monkeys evolved into human beings  they not only lost their tail but also their ability to co-exist with different species. Primates were always capable of understanding chatter, shrieks and roars when they stumbled into alien territories; they would soon understand their mistake, and if involuntary they would either back away or, if voluntary, they would grow hostile. (more…)

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