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Fatal Flaw of Democracies

By: Patrick Buchanan

“We just can’t afford it!”

Not long ago, every America child heard that, at one time or another, in the home in which he or she was raised.

“We just can’t afford it!” It may have been a new car, or two weeks at the beach, or the new flat-panel TV screen.

Every family knew there were times you had to do without. Every father and mother has had to disappoint their kids with those words. Why is it that what parents do many times a year politicians seem incapable of doing: saying no.

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In a democracy everyone has a right to his own foolishness and everyone can seek if they think they’re qualified and if they think they can serve best.

Napapaulat na pagiging ‘bukas’ ni Panlilio sa 2010 presidential elections at itinutulak din ng mga supporters ng paring gobernador si Isabela Gov. Grace Padaca bilang running mate nito kung sakali.

May mga grupong nag-uudyok kay Among Ed Panlilio ng Pampanga na lumahok sa labanan para sa panguluhan sa 2010. At mukhang nakikiliti naman ang gobernador. Si Gobernadora Grace Padaca naman daw ang siyang tatakbo nilang bise ni Panlilio.

Sabi ng barbero ko“litung-lito na ang mga Pinoy sa dami ng nais maging pangulo!” Sinu-sino na nga ba? (more…)

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There are perhaps those who believe that the May 2010 elections offer a path of changes in our country. They are unlikely to be very many. Probably much more common is a well-founded sense of despair that the elections are a momentary spectacle that in the end won’t mean any real change in governance much less in the country. (more…)

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