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Na alta-presyon si Raul at pinag-aaralan niya ang posibleng pagsasampa ng kasong rebelyon o inciting to sedition laban sa dalalwang obispo dahil sa panawagan sa taumbayan na kumilos laban sa pagkakabasura ng pinakahuling impeachment complaint laban sa mahal niyang seniorita na si Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Sa kanilang pahayag ay sinabi ng dalawa na “bukas sila sa extra-legal means” sa pagsusulong ng pagbabago at sa paghahanap ng katotohanan.

Siguro naman ay ginagawa lang din ni  Raul Gonzalez ang kanyang trabaho nang simulan niyang aralin ang mga pahayag ng dalawang obispo kung maaari ngang kasuhan ang mga ito.Trabaho lang at walang personalan!!! (more…)

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The congressman who junked the impeachment complaint for Arroyo has robbed the Filipino people again.Most members of congress that we’ve known seem to fall under the definition of a  “Puppet”. In the minds of many Filipinos, these puppet members of congress are associated with Malacanang. Lest we not forget, “Intelligence does not preclude stupidity.”

They want to rob more, they’re working to the bone to amend the Constitution  and shift to a parliamentary system of government before the 2010 elections.They insist that the House, acting as a constituent assembly, can approve proposed amendments to the Constitution by a three-fourths vote of all its members without the Senate.The Constitution does not require three-fourths vote of the Senate and three-fourths vote of the House for (more…)

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How strange we are to ignore a tasty, economical source of protein ten months out of the year. Unlike chicken, which we consume year round, we reserve turkey for that period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Surely our tradition drives the turkey producers up the wall.

Besides tradition, turkeys present a few differences from chicken that make some folks hesitate. Their large size puts off some people. Even if they have a large oven and time, not many enjoy turkey seven days in a row. (more…)

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It’s Thanksgiving, so it seems appropriate to talk about some monsters and ghouls who have been in the news lately.

The Senators cited Bolante in contempt for being evasive although according to Bolante himself he is not lying, but some Senators told him on his face that he’s not telling the truth.I think lying and not telling the truth has the same meaning if we ask the first gentleman,Mike Arroyo when he called JDV “Sinungaling!”.

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is being “crucified” like Jesus Christ in various opinion surveys, according to San Pablo of Cebu. He even questioned himself “Since when in this country was a person convicted of an offense as a result of an opinion survey?” (more…)

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Sign your petition here;


The Freedom of Speech, although a beautiful law that protects citizen to express concern against government corruption and allows us to state our opinion without fear,We as the citizen of our beloved country Philippines have the right to oppose the on going signature drive in Congress to amend the constitution.We the Filipino people is the fourth branches of government and our voices must be heard. (more…)

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Father Dureza’s prayer was answered by the President son to push Charter change through a constituent assembly, Arroyo’s son confirmed that he had asked some of his colleagues to sign the resolution. The president son of a gun  has no delicadeza and shameless for pursuing the devious scheme to railroad the passage by Congress of amendments to the 1987 Constitution aimed at extending the stay in office of his Mamasita so that Papasito can have the best medical care at St.Luke’s hospital fully paid by Juan Dela Cruz tax money. (more…)

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Who is really the true opposition in Philippine Political arena? I guess right now every politicians are running their own agendas.

After Edsa I, the Banana Republic of the Philippines has cleverly come up with a series of layers of fake opposition created to ensure that when Filipinos look for opposition, they will find a fake, designed to distract, right in front of their eyes. The fake opposition is well educated and equipped with money and knowledge of how to deal with Politics.. There are so skillful that even the most veteran journalists, (more…)

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