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Gloria Arroyo is appointing her losing senatorial candidates in the 2007 elections to government positions. Why is the country run by people who celebrate mediocrity and recruit from derailed Unity team school?

Arroyo’s right-wing crusade to demonize elites has paid off. Now the country’s run by incompetent who make mediocrity a job requirement and recruit from Jose Pidal law school. New rule: Now that Pidalism liberals have taken back our country again, which is influenced by loyalty so basically, unless you’re a shitkicker you’re with the terrorists of Ali Baba’s group. (more…)

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Rep. Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo  has steered the speedy approval of the Renewable Energy bill at the largely pro-administration Lower House. Aside from being the sponsor of this proposed law as chairman of the House Committee on Energy, If this bill gets through Congress, it will be Mikey’s first ever major law passed  as Congressman.

The Renewable Energy Bill, granting tax and other economic incentives to investors in clean energy ventures. This proposed law will, among other things, create a trust fund to finance the research and development  as well as the promotion of renewable energy projects in our country. It will bankroll a National Renewable Energy Program by financing R & D projects aimed at promoting the use of renewable energy systems, encouraging waste-to-energy technologies, among others. (more…)

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Driving while phoning

Today July 1,2008, California begins a ban on driving-while-talking, at least when it’s on a cell phone without a headset. Otherwise, feel free to chat away, put on a tie, or fiddle with your headset.In California, if you want to use your cell phone, you need a hands-free device.

Calling all cars: Be on the lookout for errant drivers fumbling for their new hands-free devices. Avoid their swerves and keep your own hands at 10 and 2. This new cellphone law is going to take some getting used to. (more…)

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How much is your life worth to you? On the face of it, that’s an idiotic question. No amount of money could compensate you for the loss of your life, for the simple reason that the money would be no good to you if you were dead. And you might feel, for different reasons, that the money value of the lives of your spouse or children — or even a stranger living on the other side of the country — is also infinite. No one should be knowingly sacrificed for a sum of money: that’s what I mean when I say that human life is priceless.But Sulpicio Lines set a price for it 200,000 pesos to legal heirs of the victims and that’s equates to $5,000 on the exchange rate of 40 pesos.Sulpicio are asserting that the incident was an act of God. (more…)

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