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By: Perrie Diaz

With just a little over a year to the 2010 general elections, the presidential musical chairs game has started in earnest. And there are several games going all at once by groups called “political parties.”
To start with, these political parties are not ideological parties like what you’d see in the United States and other countries. The Philippines’ political parties are just vehicles — like the country’s unique colorful jeepneys — where politicians can take a ride hoping that it would bring them to their destination. (more…)

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By Neal Cruz, Philippine Daily Inquirer
We don’t need more congressmen, whether party list or regular. In fact, we would be better off if we reduced the present number of congressmen.
The argument that there should be one congressman for every so many thousand population to represent them in Congress is all bunk. (more…)

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Dubai Survivors 137

I received this email from my best friend Parecoy  Mrivera.

As received and who to believe.

Greetings All,

an e-mail coming directly from one of the recruits. He revealed the
story behind the issue. Before this e-mail was received, TFC Dubai
office covered the story showed the sorry-state of the recruits and was
broadcasted in the TV Patrol Global News. After the news broadcast,
tons and load of food supplies were given by abled-Filipinos in Dubai
to the “poor recruits”.

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From Daily Tibune

Safeguarding Filipinos

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It was ludicrous for the government to talk about rescue plans for Filipino sailors in the swath of sea that Somali pirates operate when the country’s navy does not even have a decent ship to battle smugglers riding in rubber boats.

The evolving complexities in defending the country’s sovereignty and the safety of its citizens are mirrored in the ordeal that more than 100 Filipino sailors are suffering from the hands of the pirates.


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Life in the Golden 1960s

manila-strret-in-1965by Dennis Garcia
of the HOTDOG Band

Panciteria Moderna was the place to go for pancit miki  and miki bihon already wrapped in their version of “tetra pak.”  Pancit bihon was the specialty of Panciteria Wa Nam.

At Ma Mon Luk siopao was at 30 centavos; mami was at 70 centavos or 2  pcs of siomai (large) with unlimited soup was at 30 centavos. So with one  peso busog ka na.


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Enjoy your retirement

cocoy-12Should somebody who retires continue to carry some professional obligations, or should they stop work completely? On average, in America men live until they are 79 and women to 85 years old. So the average retirement age of 65 would seem too young to have to relinquish all professional obligations.

The word retirement conjures images of rocking chairs, sunsets and shuffleboard — and the big night out every week is a bus ride to the bingo hall. Although the lifestyle may change when we retire, the fundamentals of personal finance do not. We will still need to prepare a budget, control our expenses and monitor the rate at which we are using up our reserves. If we have the gumption, we should still approach luxuries with the intention of either saving or finding other sources of income. The vital thing is to realize that, even if retirement is the end of our working life, (more…)

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Dork and Jerks

I was reading Reyna Elena’s blog and the blog owner is ranting over a blogger at the site of Filipino Voice and he want to know the credentials,now na!

After reading this, Reyna Elena wrote  that she got the feeling that we are getting disillusioned with the idea so called unfriendly salvo. Actually, it’s not so. It is still the most efficient way of blogging, living and working. Reyna Elena questioned whether we are angry and pessimistic. We are not angry with our  lunatic bloggers at all who wood laminated there MA,PHD diploma, I do not feel they took advantage of us. I did not mean to start those fires. No, it’s just that I recognize that cooperation and compromise are difficult arts for the sane. (more…)

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