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It’s Confirmed – The kleptocrat is coming to Washington DC! by Adolfo Paglinawan

I got it straight from the Philippine Embassy – La Gloria has managed to swing an invitation by the Obama administration for a visit to the US before the end of the month.

Of course the officialdom is already painting the red, blue and white colors of her visit under the shibolleth of “stronger alliance and cooperation” but i think it is also about time we welcome her in Washington DC to answer frank questions about her own administration’s dark records in corruption or for that matter in human rights. I will however defer the matter of human rights especially the extrajudicial killings in the Philippines to my Senator from VirginiaJim Webb.


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Land grabbing has been going on for centuries. One has only to think of  Ferdinand Magellan discovering Philippines and the brutal expulsion of indigenous communities that this unleashed, or Spanish Conquistador  taking over the lands of  Kulafu.

After the Spaniards here comes the Americans, they  swindle farmers out of their land entitlements in the Philippines.

Something more peculiar is going on now with the Arroyo Government, though. The  big global crises that have erupted in our country and the Arroyo government ended-up buying rice in Vietnam to feed it’s people. (more…)

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Sabi ni Ka Freddie Aguilar wala tayong sariling originality kundi gaya-gaya tulad nina Arnel Pineda at Charice na pinatotohanan lang ang sinabi ni Mariah Carey na tayong mga Filipino ay Ungoy,kasi wala tayong sarili,gaya-gaya lang tayo.

Nasa America na si Charice,binigyan ng pagkakataon ni Oprah na kumanta,bakit pa kanta ni Celine Dion? Sabi pa ni Ka Freddie, “What monkey sees, monkey do” dapat daw ang kinanta ni Charice ay “Dahil sa Iyo,Bahay Kubo” at kahit na ano basta’t kantang Pilipino. (more…)

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By MARIANELA JIMENEZ, Associated Press Writer

e9193bb0febd7b92SAN JOSE, Costa Rica – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez denounced a U.S.-backed effort to ease Honduras’ coup crisis on Friday as a second day of negotiations ended without a deal between rival contenders for the presidency.

The mediator of the talks, Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, said the sides representing ousted Honduran President Manuela Zelaya and de facto leader Roberto Micheletti have agreed to continue talks at an undetermined future date. (more…)

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Beauty and the Beast

It has been almost a month since I’m away from blogging. Being overstressed with all things going in life I just decided to take things easy after Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery and tumor removal on my colon, letting myself not to be worried about not blogging, hardly reading weblogs. missing all interesting things around… What is more important I also took a break from my cooking,dish washing, laundry and chauffeur’s job here at SBMA being the CEO of IBM.

I guess it’s time to come back. It similar to a feeling of coming back from recovery room seclusion that wasn’t too short.The doctors gave me an extension ( not my penis which those nurses loved to insert it on catheters) but an extended stay to enjoy the beautiful life. (more…)

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