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Rep. Roilo Golez said that if Filipinos stop going to Hong Kong, their economy would collapse. I propose a six month boycott of Hong Kong and let’s see what will happen to their shops and hotels. We can do without going to HK and HK products.

These another Boozo clown doesn’t have any idea what he is preaching. Let’s assume(an ASS between U and ME) that Golez bill will pass in congress after heated debate and deliberation,where his P200M annual pork barrel come from? (more…)

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By Howie Severino

For the Pecpec clan of Ilocos Norte, plenty.

James Pecpec can’t find a girlfriend, Erica Pecpec doesn’t want to go to college. But older Pecpecs contented with life in the barrio bear the name proudly, and are confounded by this recent shift in meaning. After all, in old Ilocano pecpec means “full”, as in a basket brimming with fruit. And a Pecpec ancestor was a revolutionary who fought with Gen. Artemio Ricarte of Batac. But most of us Pinoys know the modern meaning of “pekpek”, and we can’t blame James for seeking our help in trying to change his surname through Batac’s municipal court. (more…)

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President Arroyo’s term of office ends exactly at noontime on June 30, 2010. She need to post bail for all her crimes to Filipino people.These people are not going without a fight and they fight very,very dirty. Her lapdogs and bunch of neocons are turning every stones and working overtime to ammend  the country’s 1987 Constitution. If this plan don’t work,there is a greater chance that Arroyo will simply cancel the elections this time around.Gloria Arroyo doesn’t have the luxury of stealing the election; her name will not be on the ballot. (more…)

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hatton-vs-pacquiao-tapeBy Recah Trinidad, Phil. Daily Inquirer

There were only three modern-day Filipinos worthy of representing the country in the world’s hall of noble people: Carlos P. Romulo, Cory Aquino and Manny Pacquiao.

This was the honest belief of sportsman Rudy Salud, an accomplished lawyer and sharp reader of character. (more…)

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In a democracy everyone has a right to his own foolishness and everyone can seek if they think they’re qualified and if they think they can serve best,” ani Remonde.

Sinabi ng palasyo na “welcome development” sa kanila ang napapaulat na pagiging ‘bukas’ ni Panlilio sa 2010 presidential elections at itinutulak din ng mga supporters ng paring gobernador si Isabela Gov. Grace Padaca bilang running mate nito kung sakali. (more…)

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By Alejandro Lichauco


If there?s any doubt at all that US President Obama has decided to support this regime ? in spite of the corruption charges hurled by the World Bank (WB) and the US State Department just a few weeks back ? that doubt has been dispelled by the decision of the WB to extend the regime a $3-billion loan aid for its projects. This after weeks of international publicity on WB and US State Department open denunciation of corruption in high places. (more…)

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By: Inday-Espina Varona

It was, in the parlance of negotiators, a lose-lose situation. Nicole, the woman raped by American serviceman Daniel Smith, the woman whose face the Inquirer bared cruelly on its front pages today, knew what awaited her.

And she was right. The insults, the slurs, the indignation rained as heavy as they did when PR hacks hired for the defense of Smith (and the government he serves) tried to justify a crime by painting Nicole as a woman of loose morals. (more…)

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