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By combining Noynoy Aquino’s powerful narrative with running mate Mar Roxas’ campaign organization, the two heirs of political dynasties have suddenly become the team to beat, banking on an array of advantages that makes the 2010 elections “theirs to lose,” according to analysts.

But a spokesman for previous front runner Manuel Villar dismisses the new excitement over the Aquino-Roxas tandem as a “carryover of the (more…)

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Watch Out Pacman

LAS VEGAS (AP)—Money came back with a guarantee. Floyd Mayweather Jr. told the world he was still its best boxer despite taking 21 months off, and he backed up every boast with every jab in an impressive victory.

Although next time out, hopefully he’ll pick on somebody his own size.

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I’m not from Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale is in Northern California.I live in Southern California.
The reason I say these because I am falsely accused under the pseudonym na GDFG and QWERTY.

Here’s the IP(Internet Provider) GDFG and Qwerty used to sent comment on ” Bayan ng Candelaria”—E-mail sent from Sunnyvale.

eclarino826@yahoo.com 209:131:36:158 – Sunnyvale——–Papano ako napunta diyan.Gawa-gawa niyo lamang iyan dahil ako lang ang nakakaalam ng password ko.Alangan naman na pupunta pa ako ng Sunnyvale para mag-post ng comment ko,tapos balik ako dito mag-post,tapos balik uli ng Sunnyvale para mag-post.Anong palagay ninyo sa akin,SUPERMAN (more…)

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In an interview, Gilbert Teodoro was asked the question “What is the first thing you would do if elected as president?”

Teodoro’s reply was that his first order of business will be to urge Congress to pass a law asking for a Constitutional Convention. He wants a parliamentary system, specifically “presidential, unicameral” system. OK sounds good enough but wait… read these links.

GMA to run for congress in 2010 (by Randy David)
http://palaisip. blogspot. com/2009/ 06/gma-to- run-for-congress -in-2010. html

GMA´s 2010 plans assure polls a go (Manila Times)
http://www.manilati mes.net/national /2009/june/ 15/yehey/ top_stories/ 20090615top4. html

Aha! So if you put the pieces together, it will seem that Teodoro got GMA’s endorsement as the administration’ s presidential candidate but in exchange Teodoro will try to use his presidential influence on Congress to form a parliamentary system so that GMA will be in a very good position to become the Prime Minister and possibly for life, not difficult a task for GMA since the Lakas-Kampi- CMD coalition holds the majority in Congressand GMA controls the coalition!!!

Very sneaky move indeed by GMA and Teodoro if my hunch proves correct!

So if Teodoro wins, then forget about having the Arroyos prosecuted for their ill gotten wealth. You can also expect more poverty, more corruption, more patronage politics, more hopelessness for Juan de la Cruz … basically much more of the same things the Philippines is already getting from the GMA administration.
Note: Mga friendship, padala lang sa akin yan, not my own words. Pero makes sense, di ba?
[Do wave]

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Nakipagtalakayan ang inyung lingkod sa mga bumabatikos ng Mining sa Candelaria,hangang sa punto na halos mauwi na sa personal at political issue.pero naging “Cool” lang tayo (more…)

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