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Loyalty has always been the alpha and omega of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s presidency. But all the forms of allegiance that have bound together her administration — military,political, ideological and personal — are being shredded, leaving only blind loyalty. Nunalisa has surrounded herself with loyalists, who fervently pledged their fealty, enforced the loyalty of others and sought to make loyal converts. Now Gloria’s long downfall is descending into a series of revenge tragedies in which the characters are helpless against the furies of their misplaced loyalties and betrayals. The stage is being strewn with hacked corpses — In Congress,Villafuerte the avid pusher of Cha-Cha walked-out leaving Nograles alone to fight on the floor imminently, (more…)

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By Maila Ager
First Posted 13:58:00 04/02/2009

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MANILA, Philippines—Senator Francis Pangilinan on Thursday called for an investigation into reports US soldiers joining the Balikatan military exercises in the Bicol Region are being given sex workers every night.

“This needs to be investigated and exposed. This is condemnable,” said Pangilinan, who initiated a resolution in the Senate calling for a review of the US-RP Visiting Force Agreement.

During his recent visit in the region, Pangilinan said he was approached by concerned citizens, claiming that at least two batches of eight to 10 women were being sent nightly to US soldiers, “checking in at 10 p.m. and are out by 4 a.m. the following morning.”

“Every time a pimp brings in 10 women, all will be taken. Then they’ll bring another batch of 10,” Pangilinan, quoting the locals, said.

The service US servicemen were also allegedly seen by the residents in hotels and bars with very young women.

“We worked so hard to get rid of prostitution and cleaning our reputation when the US military bases finally left our shores,” Pangilinan said. “The Philippines is not a whorehouse for US soldiers.”

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President Arroyo’s term of office ends exactly at noontime on June 30, 2010. She need to post bail for all her crimes to Filipino people.These people are not going without a fight and they fight very,very dirty. Her lapdogs and bunch of neocons are turning every stones and working overtime to ammend  the country’s 1987 Constitution. If this plan don’t work,there is a greater chance that Arroyo will simply cancel the elections this time around.Gloria Arroyo doesn’t have the luxury of stealing the election; her name will not be on the ballot. (more…)

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By Alejandro Lichauco


If there?s any doubt at all that US President Obama has decided to support this regime ? in spite of the corruption charges hurled by the World Bank (WB) and the US State Department just a few weeks back ? that doubt has been dispelled by the decision of the WB to extend the regime a $3-billion loan aid for its projects. This after weeks of international publicity on WB and US State Department open denunciation of corruption in high places. (more…)

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By: Inday-Espina Varona

It was, in the parlance of negotiators, a lose-lose situation. Nicole, the woman raped by American serviceman Daniel Smith, the woman whose face the Inquirer bared cruelly on its front pages today, knew what awaited her.

And she was right. The insults, the slurs, the indignation rained as heavy as they did when PR hacks hired for the defense of Smith (and the government he serves) tried to justify a crime by painting Nicole as a woman of loose morals. (more…)

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I went to my doctor’s appointment the other day and on the chair next to me was a lady scanning her list and she happened to ask me if I speak English. I asked her why?

“This is the list of all patient for today that the medical office gave me and I was wondering what is your name.” She quote.

She was bilingual interpreter for Spanish no English (more…)

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It’s Thanksgiving, so it seems appropriate to talk about some monsters and ghouls who have been in the news lately.

The Senators cited Bolante in contempt for being evasive although according to Bolante himself he is not lying, but some Senators told him on his face that he’s not telling the truth.I think lying and not telling the truth has the same meaning if we ask the first gentleman,Mike Arroyo when he called JDV “Sinungaling!”.

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is being “crucified” like Jesus Christ in various opinion surveys, according to San Pablo of Cebu. He even questioned himself “Since when in this country was a person convicted of an offense as a result of an opinion survey?” (more…)

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