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GENEVA – A girl born in Japan today will likely live to celebrate her 86th birthday, the longest life expectancy anywhere in the world. Men fare best in the tiny, wealthy European nation of San Marino, where the average boy will live to 81.
The West African country of Sierra Leone has the shortest life expectancy for men – just 39 – while Afghanistan fares badly for both sexes, with men and women living to 41 and 42 years respectively.

Those figures come from the World Health Organisation, which announced its annual health statistics on Thursday on the year 2007, the latest figures available.
The data showed that some countries have made remarkable progress in increasing life expectancy since 1990 – partly by ending wars, partly through successful health initiatives.
Eritrea increased its average life expectancy during that period by 33 years to 61 for men, and by 12 years to 65 for women. In Liberia, the figure for men jumped 29 years to 54, and rose 13 years to 58 for women. Angola, Bangladesh, Maldives, Niger and East Timor also increased their average life expectancies for both men and women by full 10 years.
In the United States, the life expectancy was on the rise for both sexes, but not so dramatically: up to 76 from 72 years for men, and to 81 from 79 for women.
Other countries, meanwhile, showed a sharp decline since 1990, especially in Africa.
In Zimbabwe, a years-long economic crisis and rampant inflation have created serious shortages of food and medicine and forced medical workers to flee the country. Those factors are among the reasons that women’s life expectancy fell by 19 years to 44 and the men’s average fell 12 years to 45.
The southern African nation of Lesotho recorded a 16-year drop for both men and women to 43 and 47 respectively. In the nearby kingdom of Swaziland, women live to 49 year on average, a drop of 14 years, while men’s life expectancy declined by 12 years to 47.
Botswana, Congo, Kenya, South Africa and Zambia also reported significant drops in life expectancy for both sexes.
In Russia, the average life expectancy for men dropped to 60 from 64 years since the time of the Soviet Union. For women the drop was less marked, to 73 from 74 years.
The figures are only one of over 100 health indicators that WHO tracks in its 193 member states. Others include mother and child mortality; prevalence of diseases such as HIV, malaria and tuberculosis; access to doctors and medical facilities; and health expenditure per person.
Some of these indicators form part of the UN’s so-called ‘Millennium Development Goals,’ which the global agency hopes to achieve by 2015.
WHO said the trend for deaths in young children was promising overall, with a global drop of 27 per cent since 1990. Some nine million children under five years old died in 2007, compared to 12.5 million in 1990.
“The decline in the death toll of children under five illustrates what can be achieved,” said WHO’s director of statistics, Ties Boerma.
The increased use of insecticide-treated mosquito nets for malaria, oral rehydration therapy for diarrhoea, better access to vaccines and improved water and sanitation in developing countries are proving particularly effective, he said.

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  1. Pahabaan ng … ay, haybu pala.

    Life expectancy from birth is a frequently utilized and analyzed component of demographic data for the countries of the world. It represents the average life span of a newborn and is an indicator of the overall health of a country. Life expectancy can fall due to problems like famine, war, disease and poor health. Improvements in health and welfare increase life expectancy. The higher the life expectancy, the better shape a country is in.

    So it means, if there’s no war or insurgency, the economy is good, the oldies but goodies will stay around a little longer. And I would say, those who are blogging could expect to grow older than those who are not.

  2. The regional variation is quite dramatic.

    Some countries like Saudi Arabia have very high GNP per capita but don’t have high life expectancies. We will be surprise to know that a country like Cuba with a very low GNP per capita have reasonably high life expectancies.

    Life expectancy rose rapidly in the twentieth century due to improvements in public health, nutrition and medicine. It’s likely that life expectancy of the most developed countries will slowly advance and then reach a peak in the range of the mid-80s in age. Among the most developed countries, it is Japan who is on top of the list. And among the microstates, it is San Marino leading the way with Andorra and Singapore.

  3. I gathered that the present Philippines life expectancy is 67.5 compared to 66.4 some 12 years ago. It means, inspite of poverty and continued insurgency especially in Mindanao, we are trying hard to stay alive. That’s the so called resilliency of the Filipinos.

    One reason of reduced life expectancy is the onslaught of AIDS. It has taken its toll in Africa, Asia and even Latin America.

    Look at this. Africa is home to the world’s lowest life expectancies with Swaziland (33.2 years), Botswana (33.9 years) and Lesotho (34.5 years). Di hamak na mahaba ng almost double ang buhay ng Noypi compared to abovementioned African countries.

  4. Sino kaya ang mas mahaba ang buhay, ang lalaki o babae?

    Sorry na lang tayong mga men, ang mga chicks almost always have higher life expectancies than men. Currently, the worldwide life expectancy for all people is 64.3 years but for males it’s 62.7 years and for females life expectancy is 66 years, a difference of more than three years.

    The reasons for the difference between male and female life expectancy are not fully understood. I don’t know if it’s true but I read somewhere, married men dies earlier than their wives because they prefer it that way. Perhaps they can’t withstand the continued nagging of their wives thus contributing to the stats of women’s longevity.

  5. Life expectancy changes as one gets older. By the time a child reaches their first year, their chances of living longer increase. By the time of late adulthood, ones chances of survival to a very old age are quite good. For example, although the life expectancy from birth for all people in the United States is 77.7 years, those who live to age 65 will have an average of almost 18 additional years left to live, making their life expectancy almost 83 years.

    Because PareCoy is in the US of A, being 50 yo lang, CD is expected to last for some 40 to 50 more years.

  6. Mas maswerte talaga tayo sa panahong ito due to longer life’s expectancy. And one reason is because of the internet and blogging, the stay home internet maniacs are lives longer compared to those who are making istambay outside at napapagtripan ng mga drug addict.

    During the Roman Empire, Romans had a approximate life expectancy of 22 to 25 years. Kaya pala napapanood natin sa sine, ang babata pa general na sa military.

    In 1900, the world life expectancy was approximately 30 years and in 1985 it was about 62 years, just two years short of today’s life expectancy.

  7. on May 23, 2009 at 11:59 am | Reply apohikaingsosayti

    Kung pahabaan din la’ang ng buhay ang pag-uusapan ay wala nang hahaba pa sa buhay ng mga kawatan sa malakanyang dahil kinaakandili sila’t ipinagsasanggalang ng hari ng kadiliman, hindi upang pangalagaan kundi sa takot na kapag sila’y namatay at nangapunta ang mga kaluluwa sa impiyerno ay magkakaroon ng maraming karibal si Lucifer sa kanyang trono.

  8. There is also this place in Italy where a family were reported to have very high cholesterol levels (600 to 700), yet they live to be in their 80’s. Reason: part of their daily diet is drinking Red Wine.

    Clean air and environment, less food intake, less meat and exercise for me are the keys to longer life span. But when you read about this 100 year plus Russian Lady who smoked marijuana more than half of her life, hmmm…maybe I should do that too.

  9. My mother is already 91 years old. 1 liter of coke daily keep her to stay active.
    My mother cousin just celebrated his 99 birthday 3 weeks ago and still active in sex without viagra. His secret: his third 57 years old wife.32 children and almost 100 grandchildren. Grabe! on my father side.they smoke a lot and they all rest in peace early.

  10. Sa Senior citizens ng Holy Rosary Church JC the average age of the women is 78 years..(Italians)..ang tataba nila pero ang haba ng buhay..ang sabi nila sa akin umurong daw ang height nila..pagdating ng 82 years..ang sabi ng isa 5’2 daw siya when she was 78 years ngayon na 82 na naging 5′ na lang..nabigla akong napasalita at ang sabi ko ayaw ko umabot sa ganyan..at bakit?..I am only 4’11 (one thing I have in common with Gloria) di pagdating ko sa edad na 78 I will only be 4’9? ayaw ko!

  11. Kaya pala iyong kaibigan natin sa Japan sa kabila eh 80 years old na at magaling pang mang-asar ng tao.

  12. Dahil may pagka-pilyo ngayon ng mga pamagat ng paksa, akala ko ang binasa ko “Pahabaan ng…Ari”. Pasensiya na sa mga ipokrito…hindi ako nambabastos.

  13. Ha!ha!ha! Gusto ko ang sinabi ni TruBlue, “..100 year plus Russian Lady who smoked marijuana more than half of her life, hmmm…maybe I should do that too.”

    Wala bang alzheimers ang matanda, True?
    100 years old nga, kung pati sarili ay hindi kilala…kawawa lang. Baka naman dahil sa smoking marijuana ay naging sharp ang memory.

  14. Wala bang alzheimers ang matanda, True? – Chi

    Very good question Chi. Believed she was 112 during her interview several years ago. But da honest answer to your question is: at that age, eh baka niloloko rin niya yung journalist, o kaya binayaran na sabihin yun para lalong gumanda ang image ni MaryJane, hehe….

  15. Oh yeah! Posible talaga na propaganda ni MaryJane.

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