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The day Ellenville was crushed, bloggers were orphaned and abandoned. Every orphan suffers from feelings of loneliness.Connecting with others is understandably difficult after having experienced the caring, loving, tongue twisting, tongue fencing and friendships to each others, it is precisely this connection that helps ease some of the discomfort associated with loneliness in our beloved country the Philippines. No where to turn to vent our frustration and the click of my fingers started pressing keyboard like an isolated sailor in a deep blue sea caressing and gentle rubbing the bottle, Booom! Genie came out and I am on the blogspheres on my “Cocoy’s Delight”named after my Golfing buddy Neonate who’s fond on my comical relief. Ways to lessen the pain of feeling isolated from Ellenville while the rally was going on in Makati calling for Gloria to resign!

My reasoning was so that I could have a place to write about certain topics that interested me, in my own fashion. That was enough to ignite the fire and my blog was born. As the it went along some of my kumpare,–Pareng Diego,Pareng Mrivera,Pareng Enchong,Kabayan,Enteng Batute,Pareng Hawaaianguy,Alfred and the comeback of GURU master–Pareng Joeseg. My kumare–Rose who has garlic allergy and my majong kasanga who always run to payang-payang everytime she has escalera, Tongue,my partner in crimes stealing tinapa wrapper came along and of course! Artsee ang bida.Some of my kumpare in the dessert are still on their way having a problem in fixing the camel’s broken back. I started questioning myself again about blogging, as it seemed that my life was so much easier when it wasn’t around! Now I think this “worrying” phase was a part of the process of adjusting to a life of blogging. Especially some come along and started posting comment. Oh! What a happy feelings and starting to make a lot of friends.

I blog to humor people in a way as well. If I can make someone laugh or smile in the midst of all of things, then I consider that fulfillment and reward enough not to tell jokes so that my friends will not laugh at me.Hehehe!

I will continue to write because in the future I hope that people will feel relaxed and interested when they visit my champorado site. Most of my classmates at Ellenville University are decorated with Phd’s and Master degrees, and will force the wrath of tongue on you at any given time, but I hope to project a sense of relationship with regular visitors and someone who’ll come to join the fun. I write in a fashion that isn’t all about me in a way. We at Ellenville love to see our country free from the tight claws of a vultures and I blog in hopes that most if not all can relate in some form or fashion to the topics. I blog to say some things out loud that you probably have had on your mind already, but needed someone crazy like me to say. May be silly to some of you, and others may be asking “what about Happy Gilmore and Brownberry?” I think keeping my reasons simple has allowed me to focus on just those aspects, and help me continue my search for a long lasting good friendships and to have a good banquet someday and Father Balweg will lead the “Hail Mary!”

You are all Welcome to post anything you all have in mind.Cocoy’s Delight is a place for all of us.Dito tayo ang bida!

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